Leadership Studio

All geared up to deliver an important speech on stage, right?

You are tasked with speaking to an important group. Potential investors in your innovation. Potential students interested in enrolling in your discipline. Potential customers who could still vote with their feet. Potential employees who could choose to work for the competition. You know it. The pressure is on. Your speech must be right. Your goals is for everybody to sense your passion for your organisation and your raison dā€™Č‡tre. You can give your listeners that final push ā€“ in the right or the wrong direction.


You know better than anybody that you need to get your message right, when you step onto the stage. Thorough preparation is crucial. What will my audience know and feel? What will make them choose us? How can I inspire them with my story?


Align your presentation style with your audience. Use direct, active discourse, smile often, and adopt a straight, active posture. Think of somebody who convinced you and maintain eye contact with your audience. Be that speaker who captures the moment! Convince everybody in the room to choose your side. Who is your role model and why?