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Actions speak louder than words

If work pressure at your organisation becomes a serious issue among your employees and causing an imbalance between work and private life, try to curtail emails to your team during the evening or on weekends. While you may appreciate catching up on your emails at a quiet moment over the weekend, you need not send them all immediately. Doing so could clear your head but might fill up those of your team members. Adjusting your habits proves you take the problem seriously. Your conduct makes the difference.


Walk your talk. Employees take note of how managers act, not of their rationalisations (Saul Gellerman)


Employees will believe you only when they sense you are serious and sincere. Your conduct and your actions will convince them as well. Often this concerns simple things, such as sticking to agreements, serving the interests of your team and being genuinely interested in all concerns, so that you can make the difference.


Successful managers sense their role and understand that they need to set an example. Not only at logical moments, such as decision-making at meetings, but continuously throughout the day: 24/7.